Basketball Volunteers Project, Volunteer Coach Training was held between 03-06 February 2022 in Antalya at the Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel and Sport Facilities. 18 volunteer coaches, 7 trainers and 2 assistant coaches participated to the training.

Basketball Volunteers Coach Training was held in Antalya

Basketball Volunteers Project,  Volunteer Coach Training was held between 03-06 February 2022  in Antalya at the Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel and Sport Facilities. 18 volunteer coaches, 7 trainers and 2 assistant coaches participated to the training.


We have completed the 10 weeks -first stage of our project.

 In our joint project with TEGV(The Educational Volunteers Foundation of Türkiye), “BİDEV Basketball Volunteers”  the first stage,  consisting of basketball activities of 10 weeks, was completed on 17 June 2022.

In the first week of  April 2020, in the TEGV education centers in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Eskişehir, Antalya, Şanlıurfa, Diyarbakır and Mardin / Savur the 10 week training program developed by our trustees Alaeddin Yakan and Murat Özyer was completed. 18 volunteer coaches and 180 female and male students participated to this program.  We thank all our volunteer coaches and the managers of TEGV Education Center Managers for making possible the successful completion of the first stage.


The first report of the project shows the development of the children

According to the measurement and assessment criteria in the report, the children showed considerable progress in the following:

* Interest and participation of children,

*Development of technical basketball skills,

*Development of tactical skills necessary for basketball,

*Development of physical qualities necessary for basketball,

*Development of mental qualities like concentration, motivation, self-confidence, necessary for being successful,

*Learning new things about basketball,

*Strengthening communication with friends in the group,

*Development of Fairplay skills,

*Development of teamwork skills.

The following are the major points emphasized within the feedbacks provided in the report:

*The have made a true progress in socializing and self-confidence .

*Sports awareness and self –confidence increase in children.

*Children had a strong communication among themselves in teamwork. They loved basketball and therefore they were more eager to learn.


We renovated the Basketball Field in TEGV Çiğli Education Center

The Basketball Volunteers Project signed among BİDEV, TEGV and TEV on 23 April 2021 started with Volunteer Basketball Coach Training in February 2022 in Antalya.

According to the protocol the first of the eight basketball fields to be renovated in 8 TEGV education centers in eight cities, was TEGV Çiğli Education Center Basketball Field.  The opening of the field was held on 09 April 2022 Saturday, with the participation of  BİDEV Board Members, Trustees and TEGV General Director Sait Tosyalı and valuable managers.

Among the participants of the opening were important basketball players and sports people and BİDEV trustees living in İzmir: İbrahim Ortaç, Atakan Karakaplan, Efe Aydan, Celal Arısan, Jülide Sonat. Also the important name of Turkish Basketball  History Fethi Aytuna, the inspiration of sports people with diabetes, Alper Saruhan, the Ege Asist Sports Clup Kemal Tekşen, Gelişim Sports Clup Head Serdar Öner, who made important contributions to the development of junior Basketball in İzmir, were among participants.  


TEGV General Director Sait Tosyalı: “I express my thanks to BİDEV”

‘’TEGV, is a non governmental institution established 27 years ago with the aim of contributing to the education of our children between the ages of  6-14. Our founder Suna Kıraç wished TEGV to become a socially prominent. We can show as the most obvious indicators our over 3 million children, over 90 thousand volunteers and over 80 thousand donors who contribute for this cause.  We had the longing and search for restarting our basketball activity which we continuously held for 15 years until 2015 and a short while ago our ways crossed with BİDEV. We signed a collaboration protocol with Dear Hasan Arat, Chair of BİDEV and members of BİDEV Board of Directors on 23April 2021. Along with our Çiğli Education Center where we met today, in our other education centers which participate to the project, 18 volunteers among whom 4 are female, have already started to train our children based on the training they got from valuable players of the basketball world.  In these 9 education centers 186 children, 86 female and 82 male, are participating to the trainings with great joy.  I thank BİDEV and all who contributed to the project.” 





BİDEV Chair Hasan Arat: “It is very meaningful realizing this project with TEGV”

‘’Parents are also among us. Your trust in this, trusting your children here is very valuable for us.  I thank you for that.  TEGV is realizing very important things in Türkiye, it is one of the important NGOs of Türkiye. The work you are doing here is reating an incredible feeling of trust and sensibility in overall Türkiye. Developing young generations loyal to Republic Principles, which is one of our guiding mottos, is a duty for all of us.   I am very happy today for being able to realize Suna Kıraç’s dreams together with TEGV and BİDEV Trustee Board Members.’’

BİDEV Trustee Board Member Tolga Egemen: “We are contributing to the development of self-confidence of children”

‘’It is very important learning through playing. Sports is a part of learning through play. Children loving life through something they do playing, loving each other, collaborating instead of doing something on their own, living this as an example is very valuable. The fact that childen feel they are valued is very important in developing their self-confidence. They will determine the future of the country.   This is common to most team sports but especially in basketball it is important to collaborate for reaching results instead of seeing team mates as competitors.  The collaboration between TEGV and  BİDEV is an example of accomplishing successful results together end hence it is an important project for developing thinking and inquiring generations loyal to Republic Principles. I thank all for their contributions.’’



The first step of the Basketball Volunteers Project agreed by BİDEV, TEGV and TEV on 23 April 2021, started in February 2022 with the Volunteer Coaches Training held in Antalya.  

As part of the protocol, TEGV Çiğli Education Center’s basketball field was the first one to be renovated from the 8 basketball fields in 8 TEGV Education Centers in 8 cities. 

After TEGV İzmir Çiğli, next is  TEGV Gaziantep…

Within BİDEV Basketball Volunteers Project, the second Basketball Field in TEGV Education Centers to be renovated was TEGV Gaziantep BŞB Education center.  The Basketball Field’s opening was on 18 June 2022.

TEGV General Director and BİDEV Trustee Sait Tosyalı, TEGV Business Development Manager and  BİDEV Trustee İpek Uralcan and  TEGV Managers, BİDEV Trustees Sema Atakol Kasapoğlu, Derya Özyer, Necati Güler, Sinan Güler, one of our field renovation sponsors Kemal Tekşen, BİDEV General Secretary Coşkun Teziç were among the participants of the opening ceremony.    It was spectacular watching the training of the children with Sinan Güler.

Also Gaziantep Youth and Sports City Manager Muhittin Özbay, BŞB Vice Chair Dr. Mehmet Berk and valuable members of the Gaziantep press attended the opening ceremony.