European Comission Erasmus+ BASKETFORALL Project

We are very happy that our Erasmus+ Project application ‘BasketForAll’ which was prepared by BIDEV Project Coordinator and Trustee Emir Turam and his professional team has been accepted and found eligible for co-funding by the EACEA in Brussells. The same team will coordinate implementations of the Project. You can reach to further project results via official project website:

You can reach to further project results via official project website:

European Comission Erasmus+ BASKETFORALL Project

The Project Proposal drafted by our Projects Coordinator and Trustee Emir Turam and his professional team has been accepted and found eligible for co-funding by the EACEA in Brussells.

Our Erasmus+ application ‘BasketForAll’ (Project Nr. 101090524) has been accepted.

We are very happy that our Erasmus+ Project application ‘BasketForAll’ which was prepared by BIDEV Project Coordinator and Trustee Emir Turam and his professional team has been accepted and found eligible for co-funding by the EACEA in Brussells. The same team will coordinate implementations of the Project.

Youth Basketball coaches generally prioritise winning over everything else. However, we strongly believe that young players growing up to be ‘good people’ is at least as important as their evolving into ‘good basketball players.’ BIDEV believes that everybody can grow up into strong individuals who provide added value to society, and utilizes basketball to help reach that goal. Our intended approach to the scope of work related to the Project is in complete harmony with our institutional goals and can be summarised as: Better coordination between public and private bodies – and also NGO’s - will help us better utilise available capacities to the better benefits of all stakeholders – specially disadvantaged children.

The BasketForAll Project was developed to integrate youth coaches and trainers within this vision. Various national and international workshops have been planned that will pave the way.

We built a 3 country international consortium – the duration will ve 12 months

Klatovy Basketball Club of the Czech Republic and the Usmivka Sports Club of Bulgaria came together under the leadership of BIDEV.

The co-funding contract of BasketForAll was signed by the European Commission on NOvember 20th, 2022, and we went to work right after New Year. (Please follow Project related Works and developments on our website and social media channels.)

We strongly believe that successful implementation of the detailed project plan will increase international awareness for BIDEV and widen its sphere of influence. We are starting out with strong support from Professional experts. We will be monitoring project implementations of distinguished professionals with the Steering Committee that has been formed within BIDEV which will also facilitate seamless coordination towards successful outcomes.

The medium term goal of BIDEV will be to utilise accummulated experience towards building BIDEV’s own in-house Project management team in the future.


Our project “Basketball as a tool for Soial Empowerment - BasketforAll” which is co-funded under Erasmus+ Program Small-Scale Partnership in the field of Sport received great attention in the Turkish media. Below, you can find links in order to see the media coverage of our project by popular news channels.

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Date: 01.02.2023

Our project “Basketball as a tool for Soial Empowerment - BasketforAll” which is co-funded under Erasmus+ Program Small-Scale Partnership in the field of Sport is officially started with the coordination of BIDEV in cooperation with the basketball clubs from Bulgaria (SCS) and Czechia (BK Klatovy) for the implementation period between 1st February 2023 – 31st January 2024 .

The first activity is realized as Online Partners Meeting on 1st of February 2023. With the supervision of our Trustee – Dr. Emir Turam and participation of Bulgarian and Czechian basketball clubs representatives, the project objectives and expected impact; proposed activities are explained for the implementation of further steps. 

“Basket for All” Internal Management Meeting (1) is held!

Date: 14.02.2023

On 11th February 2023, the first internal meeting of “BasketforAll” project which is co-funded under Erasmus+ Program Small-Scale Partnership in the field of Sport is held. As our project is officially started on 1st February, the common understanding meeting is held to plan the sub-tasks of 12 months action plan. The vision that our project aims to contribute, project objectives activities are discussed to conduct the further steps of the administrative planning phase. The meeting ended with the task division among the management team members.


Date: 03.03.2023

The creation of “Basket for All” project corporate identity phase is conducted between 24th February – 3rd March 2023. The administrative preparation phase is finalized with the design and publication process of the project logo and banner.

Kick Off Meeting is held in Bulgaria!

Date: 15.03.2023

The first international meeting of “Basketball as a tool for Social Empowerment - Basket for All” project funded under the Erasmus+ Program's Small-Scale Partnerships Action in Sports was held in Sofia/Bulgaria between 10-12th of March 2023. 9 representatives from Turkey (BIDEV), Bulgaria (SCS) and Czech Republic (UK Klatovy) attended this meeting. The BasketforAll project concept and 12-month action plan, administrative and financial reporting, objectives to be achieved are discussed and task division is done for the upcoming activities.


Date: May 4, 2023

Participants: Our trustees for the Zoom meeting Efe AYDAN, Necati GÜLER, Hakan YAVUZ, Burak BIYIKTAY, İnan ŞEFKATLİ, Ali GRANİT, Emir Turam project coordinator, Turhan KORAY project coordinator as well as basketball stakeholders, our press Gökhan GERMAN, our referee Murat Berk KAYA, our young coaches İrem GÜVEN, A. Can ÖZKAN, Utku İSKİT and Egecan AYTEKİN, young players Demir SANDER and his parent Mete SANDER, Demir ALTINTAŞ and his parent Celal Altıntaş, project coordinators M. Volkan Müderrisoğlu, İlknur DİNÇ, Doğukan ERBEK and Yamaç AYTEKIN.

Within the scope of the Erasmus + “BASKETBALLFORALL” project, on Thursday, May 4, at 18.30, at this meeting where significant names of Turkish basketball and the BIDEV project team came together, ideas and opinions were discussed for the project to reach its goal. Suggestions were heard on how to increase the positive social impact of basketball.The meeting progressed on 4 basic questions. These questions are:
1) What kind of needs do you encounter in the sectors where you work to increase the use of basketball for social empowerment?
2) What kind of opportunities stand out in the use of basketball for social empowerment?
3) Can you give examples of good practices you have witnessed in social empowerment of disadvantaged groups through basketball?
4) What can be done to promote long-term cooperation and intersectoral dialogue among basketball stakeholders at the local level?


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BasketForAll Project Klatovy Education Study Report

Date/Time: 31 May – 4 June 2023

Location: Klatovy, Czechia

The BasketForAll project team, realized in partnership with Bidev and Erasmus, traveled to Klatovy. At this stage, where various trainings were organized for the coaches, the training was not related to basketball techniques but was completely learning (activating learning). After the theoretical studies were completed, the field practices with the participation of young players gave the participating coaches and teachers the opportunity to try and assimilate what they learned.

Content of the Study:

  • Evaluation of the results of stakeholder meetings held in all three countries
  • Theoretical Trainings of Participating Coaches
  • Field Applications
  • Coaches Basketball Match
  • Acceptance of the Project Team by the Deputy Mayor of Klatovy
  • Prague Cultural tour

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Date: August 22nd, 2023

The BasketForAll Project contains a total of 3 online stakeholder meetings which are targeted towards putting together an MOU on ‘increasing intersectoral cooperation in the basketball field for social empowerment’
The second one of these online stakeholder meeting took place on August 22nd, 2023 with the presence of distinguished participants that brought in valuable different angles of view.
Participants consisted of BIDEV Trustees and experts Gökhan GERMAN, Necati GÜLER, Fatih SÖYLEMEZOĞLU, Emir TURAM, Turhan KORAY, Tuğba GÜZEL, NGO director/projectexpert İlknur DİNÇ, youth coaches Utku İSKİT, Ömer Faruk AKARİ, İrem GÜVEN, A. Can ÖZKAN, basketball referee Murat Berk KAYA and senior students of the Bilgi University School of Sports Management Yamaç AYTEKİN and Doğukan ERBEK.

After a brief summary of ongoing project works, the discussion evolved around the input from all participants along 2 major questions, with the following summarised outcomes:

1. How we can enrich our upcoming 3x3 Basketball Tournament during European Week of Sport with the involvement of local stakeholders - who could we invite? What are your suggestions to provide additional value this event with the 3I principles of EWoS (Involvement, Inclusive, Innovative)?
⦁    Children generally enjoy shooting competitions and talent competitions-style courses.
⦁    It would be very beneficial to have participation from active athletes and well-known ‘current’ names. Children might not know athletes of earlier times, but they would be more motivated and willing because they know current and popular athletes, so the project would provide more interaction in the visibility/dissemination direction. 
⦁    It is very important to use social media effectively within the scope of the project.
⦁    Considering the intense interest of the participants in sports and basketball, it was stated that it would be useful to give children information about refereeing. 
⦁    Not every child who plays basketball may become a professional basketball player, but they can chart a different career by staying within the industry and without moving away from the gym environment they enjoy – thus providing sustainable contribution to society.

2. What are your prior suggestions towards the content of the Memorandum of Understanding we will be working to put together to increase intersectoral cooperation in the basketball field for social empowerment?
⦁    Integration of sports and education. 
⦁    Better/more effective training modules in sports.
⦁    Better/more effective communication with children. 
⦁    Pedagogical education and the proliferation of sports psychologists in infrastructures: Most coaches who are underqualified (and also some who don’t care) have a negative impact on the psychology of young athletes in sports (basketball) academies.
⦁    Incorporating pedagogical education into the system would really help. 
⦁    In addition, basic/general sports training should be taken more seriously at grassroots levels and the age of branching out into a specific sport should be postponed a little more, if possible.
⦁    A serious setback to consider is the problem of employing unlicensed or under-licensed coaches (or ‘renting’ a license.) This is a very serious problem. Where there is no merit, there is no development – hence no success and very limited happiness.

The third online stakeholder meeting will be organised towards the end of the year as a ‘wrap up’ of the first two meeting with the specific goal of focusing on the content of the MOU being prepared.


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 Date:  23.09.2023

The BasketForAll 3x3 Tournament which is one of the main local levents of the 3-country international BasketForAll Project led by the Basketball Solidarity and Education Foundation and supported by the European Commission was organised on September 23rd, 2023 at the Fatih Sports Complex of the İBB Spor İstanbul A.Ş. The support of the Greater Municipaity of İstanbul and its distinguished sports entity added considerable value towards our Project goals.


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The festivity was organised on the first day of the European Week of Sports, which, together with the similar local activities the other Project partners will be organising in the respective countries (Bulgaria and the Czech Rep.) created and opportunity for all efforts take place within this prestigious platform which is celebrated all around the continent.

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The 3x3 tournament emphasized participation and sharing the joy of sports rather than winning games; 48 young players aged 12 came togehter within a total of 12 boys’ and girls’ teams and had the opportunity of participating in a series of games and exhibitions aiming at their ‘social empowerment through sports’. 


Participation and sharing was emphasized along with the general goals of the BasketForAll Project; medals were received not only by the winners but by all the young players that participated. Further to their medals, they were given various presents and also trophys for those succeeding in the games and exhibitions.

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Former Turkish Basketball National Team Captain Tamer Oyguç made a lot of impact with his interaction based on ‘The Meaning of being a Basketball Player’ where he reflected on his experience from his career as a top level Professional player.

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 On-the-site support of BIDEV Trustees was very valuable. Special thanks to Founding Trustee and Board Member Murat Yosmaoğlu, Trustee and Board Member Sema Kasapoğlu, Founding Trustee Sinan Güler, Trustee and Secretary General Coşkun Teziç, Trustee and Project Koordinator Turhan Koray, Trustees Tamer Oyguç, Ümit Avcı and our Project Director İlknur Dinç for their distinguished contributions.


Links from national media reflections of the event:

 Our BasketForAll Project has been rolling since January 2023 on various local and international platforms and will be concluded with a wide based international Final Conference staged in Istanbul  in January 2024 where all Project Works will ve evaluated.

For more detailed information on our Project, please click on: