Frequently asked Questions

What is the founding purpose of the Basketball Solidarity and Education Foundation (BIDEV)?

BIDEV is a non-governmental organization established to provide educational and social support opportunities to Turkish Basketball.

Among our purposes; As BIDEV, to be a reliable institution that provides educational support in order to train and develop qualified sports people who are committed to the principles and ethical values ​​of the Republic, in addition to supporting the athletes, referees, administrators, basketball writers and those who have been involved in basketball in Turkey through social assistance and solidarity.

When and by whom was the Basketball Solidarity and Education Foundation (BIDEV) founded?

BIDEV was founded by Ahmet Kurt, Akın Süel, Aydın ÖRs, Aytek Gürkan, Azmi Kansak, Çiğdem Ertem, Ergün Özen, Erol Tabanca, Gönenç Gürkaynak, Hasan Arat, Murat Yosmaoğlu, Ömer Bozer ve Sinan Güler on February 26, 2020.

What are the projects that the Basketball Solidarity and Education Foundation (BIDEV) will carry out by 2022?

Providing Training to Basketball and Volleyball Trainers to member of Sport Istanbul

In cooperation with BİDEV, "Communication and Body Language Training" will be given to basketball and volleyball coaches that are employees of Sport Istanbul by Nilsen Özbarlas, the founder of VAV Training & Consultancy Company and Member of the Board of Trustees.

1st Stage of Basketball Volunteers Project in cooperation with BİDEV and TEGV

As BIDEV, together with the Education Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV), it is aimed to improve the 8 Education Parks of TEGV in Ankara, Antalya, Eskişehir, Gaziantep, Istanbul, Izmir, Şanlıurfa and Mardin provinces where the project will be implemented in 2022, and the basketball courts in the Mardin Savur Learning Unit. Besides, the “Basic Basketball Training” will be given to the volunteer trainers and coaches selected by TEGV.

2nd Stage of Basketball Volunteers Project in cooperation with BİDEV and TEGV

As the second phase of the Basketball Volunteers project, the basketball courts of 8 Education Parks of TEGV (Istanbul, İzmir, Ankara, Antalya, Eskişehir, Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Mardin-Savur) will be improved and opened to the service of young basketball players.

Collaboration of Allianz Insurance and BIDEV

Within the scope of the protocol signed by Allianz Insurance and our Foundation, the project of providing (inpatient treatment) health services to Basketball Coaches will be implemented within the criteria determined in cooperation with the Turkish Basketball Coaches Association (TÜBAD).

Med Line Healthcare

Protocol studies are continuing for the use of Med Line Health Services a subsidiary of Esas Holding, for the benefit of our Foundation.

What Can You Do?

You can reach us at the address ”” to become a volunteer of our foundation, to take part in our projects and to cooperate with our foundation.