Foundation Official Bear

1. Foundation

The name of the foundation is "Support and Education Foundation for Basketball" and will be referred to as "Foundation" herein.

2. Center of the Foundation

The headquarters of the foundation is Istanbul cad. Insert begonia. No. 2 Arcadium Life 3 blocks. Floor 1 Flat is located at 5/A Göktürk Eyüp Sultan Istanbul address. With the decision of the Board of Directors and the approval of the competent authorities, branches, offices and representative offices can be opened in the country or abroad.

3. Purpose of the Foundation

Supporting athletes, referees, administrators, basketball writers and similar basketball workers who have been and are involved in basketball in Turkey through social assistance and solidarity, as well as providing support to Turkish basketball players with high culture and education levels, loyal to the principles of the Republic, and beneficial to the country. to support their growth as athletes.